10 Things To Do As A Reserve Flight Attendant


  1. Keep your phone on you. Always. Jump when it rings, only to answer a call from Bob at Progressive, wondering why you changed insurance companies. Spend way too much time explaining the decline in your logistical needs due to the fact that you RIDE IN A FREAKING PLANE to get where you need to go.
  2. Learn a second (or third, 4th, etc) language. I’m currently trying my hand at German for free on Duolingo
  3. Do laundry. Iron uniform. Use starch. Feel really bad@ss because you just used starch on your crisp uniform shirts. You’re so legit it’s not even funny.
  4. Check your on call available number…. every hour. Despair quietly. They’ll get to you one day.
  5. Pack your stuff. Unpack your stuff. Pack new stuff. Feel slightly more productive.
  6. Clean your bedroom/bathroom. Use the abundance of downtime to your advantage. A clean counter is a righteous counter!
  7. Go shopping way more than you ever thought you would in your entire life. But hey, there are a million fantastic little shops and boutiques. Weep over the things you cannot afford yet.
  8. Watch ALL the movies/shows on Netflix.  Run out of good things to watch. Eventually devolve your taste in cinema to the point where you watch a movie about a roving discarded rubber tire that could blow things up with its mind. You genuinely can’t believe you just admitted that.
  9. Work out at your apartment’s awesome gym. I’m a fan of the Couch to 5k running app for my iPhone. One day I’ll be able to run a marathon, and that treadmill won’t know what hit it.
  10. Jump up like a ninja when you get a phone call from scheduling (see image below)




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