Back in Blue

***disclaimer*** names have been changed (as well as my own) to protect the privacy of my friends and family. For the list of main characters on my blog, click here

I’ll admit, I’ve been looking forward to sharing my adventures from where I left off in February, but I’ve been dreading writing this post.


Well, for one, I had the over-ambitious goal of posting every week during training. That just didn’t happen. What I didn’t realize was how exhausted I’d be from mentally going 100 miles per hour 6 days a week, 16 hours a day and then only getting one day off. On this much-coveted free time, I spent most of the day sleeping, facebooking and studying for the next week. As if that wasn’t enough to deter my writing muse, my laptop had some serious issues that may or may not have resulted from spilling wine on the track pad during a particularly stressful night. I had to take it in for repairs, and Murphy’s Law took hold—I didn’t get it back for one reason or another for nearly 3 weeks (!?). Despite the most optimistic intentions, I got far behind on my updates and now I hardly know where to start. Since I last posted, not only have I gone through training, but I’ve graduated (heck yes!), gone through orientation and even gone on a few adventures! It’s incredibly hard to try to remember where I was when I left off, and doing justice to the amount of information I have to share.

I thought long and hard about how I’d go about doing this post, and decided I’d break it up into three main parts. The People, The Process and The Place. My goal is not just for this post to be for the people who know me and want to follow my rendezvous, but also as a resource for future flight attendant trainees who might be searching for some insight into what they can expect. If I can make it, so can you. It’s one of the most challenging things you’ll ever do in your life, but it will be absolutely worth it if you persevere and give it your all.

The People


Me and my new roomies/fellow trainees at our after-graduation dinner in Charlotte. From top to bottom right: Belle, me, Aurora and Jasmine!

One of the first things we do when we arrive at training is mingle with each other. Honestly, out of all the reasons a person has to be nervous about flying across the country and going to Flight Academy, the one I had the most anxiety about was the people. I never joined a Greek organization in college because I preferred to find my own little crew of similar-minded oddballs. My closest friends are people I’ve known for years, or had natural personal chemistry with from the day we met. The concept of being thrown together in a fricassee of opposing personalities and making friends with people I otherwise had nothing in common with was downright scary. Especially considering how introverted I am.

But, I put my big girl pants on, and once we checked into our hotel, I started to talk to my fellow classmates. In a roundabout sort of way, we are each other’s family for the next 4+ weeks. The first day, waking up at 5:30 AM and getting my non-early bird self down to breakfast, I hardly wanted to talk to people. I got myself a plate of hot breakfast, and sat down groggily. When the shuttle arrived to take us to the training center, we shuffled into it single file and took our seats next to complete strangers.

Then something unexpected happened.

The shuttle driver turned on the radio and started playing the Phoenix top 40 station. The song “Scream and Shout” by Britney Spears and Will.I. Am came blaring through the speakers, and we all looked at each other and then started jamming. It was amazing how the music connected us. We may not have had anything in common other than our status as trainees, but the songs are the same on top 40 stations across the country and it broke the ice almost instantaneously. I made friends with people from literally every corner of this country, and several others.

By the end of training, we were emotionally invested in each other’s success. We had nicknames, all kinds of memories from “boot camp” and an unbreakable bond. About halfway through training we had to decide which base we were going to bid for. A base is essentially the airport where you originate all your flights and are stationed when on duty. We had three choices; Washington DC, Philadelphia PA, or Charlotte NC. All the cities have their pros and cons. Philly has lots of international flights, the thought of which makes me drool. Washington DC is beautiful and our capital and has direct flights to Chattanooga. Charlotte is only 5 hours away from Chattanooga (my hometown) and only a 1 hour direct flight. The cons were that Philly is far away from home and rather industrial looking. Washington DC is expensive and not much international flights. Charlotte—well—I couldn’t think of any cons. I guess the thought of getting less international flights seemed a little sad, but you can’t beat the direct flight home to Chattanooga. Plus, it’s still in the South (I never realized just how much I’d miss sweet tea) yet has enough of that “big city” feel to make it interesting. So, surprise, surprise, I chose Charlotte. More on that in a later post!

Also at training, I met my three roommates Aurora, Belle and Jasmine. Belle was the first person I saw when I walked into the Drury Inn that first day in Phoenix. Somehow, and I can’t explain it, I knew just from looking at her that we’d be friends. She has this sweet face and kind demeanor. We started chatting and hit it off immediately. Shortly after, we met Jasmine (the Indian Princess). She’s the most outgoing, talkative, hilarious person. She could make conversation with the wind and somehow, she thinks I’m bust-a-gut funny. Honestly, I think my humor is more dry and odd than anything, but she and I click. I didn’t know Aurora until Jasmine told me she had asked her to live with us in a moment of spontaneous enthusiasm. My initial impression of her was quiet, meek and very pretty. She was a contestant in many beauty pageants in Louisiana and has won several of them. I wasn’t sure she and I would be close because I’m also rather reserved around new people at first, but sure enough, I’ve gotten to know her and I’m so glad she’s with us. She has contributed more than her share to our new home, and is a fantastic cook.

In addition to my roommates, I met so many awesome people who I probably never would’ve imagined I’d become close to. It’s kind of like a pressure cooker on a stove—you’re crammed together and you have no choice but to simmer in the same stew. So, you might as well make friends. Don’t get me wrong, there was plenty of drama going on with clashing personalities and exhausted minds. Most of it I wasn’t aware of until sometime told me so-and-so had pissed off so-and-so, and often times I didn’t even pay attention to it then. When you’re in training, your priority needs to be learning the material and mastering the concepts. Everything else is second fiddle, even making friends. I wasn’t trying to get all buddy-buddy with people, but it managed to happen anyway, and I’m so grateful for that. Training taught me to get out of my shell and just be myself around total strangers.

The Place

This little Tennessee girl had never gone anywhere close to the west coast, let alone Mexico. Naturally, one of the reasons I wanted this job to begin with was the travel. I wanted to get out of Chattanooga and see what was beyond the horizon. Phoenix is literally in the desert (you should have seen my face when I saw my first cacti) and has very dry heat. It’s sunny all the time, and it feels amazing on your skin. In training, we spent our lunches outside every day in the warm (February!) sun. Back in Tennessee, it was icy and grey, but when we touched down in Phoenix, I knew it was going to be fun.

the beautiful pool at our hotel in Phoenix

the beautiful pool at our hotel in Phoenix

I didn’t get to spend as much time as I would have liked exploring the city, because, like I said,  we were busy every day, but I really loved getting to enjoy the gorgeous weather. Darcy got to go to the Grand Canyon when he came to visit, and went hiking on some of the desert/mountain trails. I was so jealous and I hope we go back some time in the future so I can really delve into the local nightlife and sightseeing. I am super outdoorsy, and I’d jump at the chance to leave my hiking boot footprints all over this floating rock we call Earth!

The Process

one of many cabin mock-up training sessions. Those oxygen masks are hard to pack away again!

one of many cabin mock-up training sessions. Those oxygen masks are hard to pack away again!

The class syllabus was filled with safety drills, aircraft familiarization, equipment usage and service procedures. We’d wake up first thing in the morning in our hotel rooms at around 5:30 (or maybe that was just me, because I don’t like feeling rushed when I’m trying to get myself to resemble a functioning human that early), have a quick breakfast in the hotel lobby, and then get on the buses. Sleepy banter and exam preparation was a staple for those 10 minute bus rides, in which we’d drill each other on the latest test, catch up on class gossip, and of course, text/facebook/tweet like nobody’s business. After we got to class, no one was allowed on their phones, so we had to keep them stowed and silent.

When we got to our classrooms, we immediately would get on the computers and take our exams. There were tests almost daily for the first 3 weeks—on the aircraft types, policy and procedure, crew duties, and all 204 airport codes. It was an incredible amount of information to digest in such a short amount of time, and those of us who continued to pass (a score of 90 or above required) were a testament to what we were told at the beginning: only the best and the brightest of the trainee candidates would make it to the end and get our wings. Seeing people not pass was very hard. A good 10 people or so didn’t make it over the course of the program, and seeing them say their tearful farewells was incredibly difficult. The hard fact is that some people just aren’t cut out for this lifestyle or the pressure that comes from the intense training.

standing next to a powerful jet engine! I love my job!

standing next to a powerful jet engine! I love my job!

Our instructors regaled us with tales of how atypical the life of a flight attendant is. On one hand, we have the luxury of travel and layovers in luxury hotels along the beach, but sometimes it’s not so picturesque. For example, one instructor described an instance where the lavatory’s flushing mechanism broke, and it did the exact opposite of its usual function— flinging waste all over the lavatory walls. The flight attendants had the unique responsibility of cleaning crap off the insides of the plane, and helping the poor passenger who had caused the explosion back to her seat. Anything can happen, and no two days look quite the same. We literally have to be ready for a sh*t storm, or anything else the trip can throw at us. And not only do we have to know how to react, we have to know how to direct others to react.

For example, one of the exercises we had to participate in as a class was operate a real life raft in the pool at a university in Phoenix. All of us had to jump in the pool, 2 at a time, inflate our life vests, swim to the raft, and haul ourselves aboard. Once we were crammed in like sardines, we had to verify all the necessary supplies were present and accounted for, and then put up the tarp over the raft to shield us from the sun and elements that a crew and passengers might experience at sea.

The life raft in the pool.

The life raft in the pool.

The last hurdle before we got our wings was the operational flights. This meant us brand new trainees had to go on a real flight of no less than 5 hours and prove our mettle in the air! I remember being so nervous about this because its one thing to practice in the classrooms, but an entirely different thing to stand up in front of nearly 200 people and perform the safety demo. I was afraid everything I’d learned would disappear from my head when I needed to access it, and the instructor who would be grading my performance would laugh me off the aircraft. Those who know me are aware of how hard on myself I can be. Every time I took a test during training, no matter how hard I’d studied, I was convinced there’d be something on the test I wouldn’t know and I’d just obsess obsess obsess over it all morning. After the test, I’d realize I was prepared and how silly I’d been to think I’d fail, but in the heat of the moment it was scary!

When I met my OE flight instructor early early early  Monday morning at the Charlotte airport, she put me at ease immediately. She wanted me to think of her as someone who was there to help me succeed rather than someone to criticize and watch me fail. I felt a stress balloon deflate somewhere in my psyche after that, and I passed my flight with flying colors (no pun intended)! There were some minor mistakes I made on the flight to Phoenix and back, but knowing my instructor was watching with sympathetic eyes made all the difference. I made up my mind that day that I was going to succeed in this new job, really make it my business and enjoy every minute of it.

Darcy came all the way to Phoenix for my graduation, bless his heart, even though its an expensive flight (I didn’t have my benefits active yet) and we only had a few hours to spend together. Graduation was on a Tuesday morning and they shipped us to Charlotte right after, and I didn’t get back from my operational experience flights until Monday night. Still, seeing him after nearly a month and a half apart was totally worth it.

words cannot describe how proud I am to have received these!

words cannot describe how proud I am to have received these!

I can’t stop thinking about how lucky I am to have been chosen out of thousands of applicants to interview for this job, then go to training and succeed, and now to be hired and starting on a new adventure. Its still so surreal to be getting paid to do something I absolutely love. Work doesn’t feel like work. And I couldn’t be happier to see what’s around the corner.

Until next time my dear readers! And I do apologize for the delay in updates.

Catch me if you can!



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    is expected to go up shortly.

    They’ve recently signed a maintain the WPT World Poker Tour to sort a formidable
    partnership. We have created our platform not just for
    expert poker players, but for beginners as nicely by providing
    ideas and tips of the sport. Since 1988, CardPlayer has offered poker gamers with
    poker strategy, poker news, and poker results. Many of those
    with the big names in global poker we’ve talked about
    above, and plenty of with in-nation operators we have also lined.
    Worldwide on-line poker rooms give them the opportunity
    to observe and experience the sport in ways in which may never be
    executed in a reside setting. The bench was hearing a bunch of petitions filed by golf equipment and online rummy firms
    in opposition to the Madras Excessive Court verdict that
    declared rummy for stakes as a form of playing and therefore illegal.

    Any game/sport that offers thrill and pleasure is price investing time on. You’ll
    see quite a bit altering and loads taking place round
    poker in India very soon. Many tourists flock to the states of Goa
    and Sikkim to get pleasure from a round or two of poker in one in all its specialty
    casinos. With that being mentioned, except for in Maharashtra, there aren’t any
    laws which clearly state it is unlawful for an Indian resident to gamble online.
    According to Rajat Agarwal of Spartan Poker the web poker operating mannequin is a profitable
    one in India. It would appear that the unregulated poker industry in India is on tilt proper now,
    making bad selections like exceptionally excessive-raked video games, players with mounds of
    debt who proceed to borrow, extortionist money collectors, and drugs,
    numerous medication.

    There is no such thing as a denying the fact that recognition of on-line poker is
    surging rapidly and is gaining new followers on daily basis.
    One of the largest obstacles faced by sports bettors in India is the truth that depositing
    to international bookies is extraordinarily troublesome.
    A favorable August court docket ruling on rummy for actual money has led to operators
    of on-line poker websites turning into extra assured with their respective businesses.
    However, stand alone poker rooms often entice extra critical gamers as a result of they are there to solely play poker.

    The play by Jay Farber on this hand was not
    solely some of the daring and great strikes in poker play but in addition exhibits the significance of bluffing and the
    ability behind it. Reach out to our coaches, get access to specialized poker
    studying sources and study the tips of the game to turn out to be
    a champion poker participant.

    Courts in India have not yet obtained a chance to examine
    these arguments, although two terse Excessive Court docket docket orders have indicated that the result of poker-related litigation is also constructive.
    We are dedicated to the game of poker and all the time coming out with new methods
    to make the experience a wonderful and profitable endeavor for
    you. In India notably, in fact, the primary consideration is whether or not they’re absolutely lined legally.

    On the similar time the gaming commission may additionally take a name referring to
    online games like on-line rummy, online poker, on-line fantasy sports activities, and
    so forth. Even should you don’t plan on sticking around
    after signing as much as a brand new poker site,
    a minimum of you will be able to revenue from the welcome bonus being offered before
    transferring on to a different poker site.

    Omaha: Omaha Poker is just like Texas Hold’em the place each
    player is handled 4 cards out of which player has to make
    greatest his or her greatest hand utilizing two of
    them and three of the 5 neighborhood cards.
    Luckily for online poker players, poker is considered a game of talent
    in India. The favourite two forms of the Poker on-line
    card recreation is Texas Hold’em and 5 card stud.

    Get the most recent information on poker tournaments,
    poker provides, poker tips and methods, offline poker occasions,
    poker news and rather more. We all have our limits and if we
    play for unconfortably high stakes and start to really feel anxious about
    successful or shedding, then its most likely that we’d be unable to play to our full potential.
    Even the legal responsibility of internet websites builders and managers
    of on-line poker web sites has been outlined in India.

    To me the poker room has to have good technology and various channels to play on: downloadable, browser-based and cell as nicely.
    The Starpoker iOS app from within the Apple Store offers you quick and direct entry to one of the best online poker
    video games, poker variants, tournaments, promotions,
    features unique to India. Cannot think of every other technique to have great entertainment even as I earn money on the similar time.
    This failed regardless of India being essentially essentially the most sought
    out nation for on-line taking part in. Many of these with the big names in world poker we have mentioned above, and plenty of with in-nation operators we have additionally covered.
    The corporate will most likely be offering poker internet development resolution that
    could presumably be carried out by people visiting the respective sites.

    A three way partnership Dabur’s vice chairman Amit Burman, poker portal ‘s founder Anuj
    Gupta and founder of the event India Poker Legend Pranav Bagai.
    Tie-ups with multiple banks and payments gateways
    to process payments of players ensures Prospects
    can have a trouble free option to deposit and withdraw payments.
    So in case you are bored from all the common poker websites than Titan poker is the
    place for you. This Indian Poker site is operated and owned
    by WYZ Games India Non-public Limited and claims to provide
    secure and secure cost gateways. In 1996, the Supreme Court docket reaffirmed that ability video games are not legally included as gambling
    in India. It started with Zynga on Facebook and i5Poker has been the primary
    home on-line web site to have entered this domain,developed and stayed.

    Some variations take in style sport sorts like Holdem and add an additional
    twist – a great example of this is Zoom Poker which supplies fast
    paced motion with little or no waiting between fingers.
    Depositing funds into gamers account has develop into a lot easier with the assistance of PayU.
    India’s online poker trade is still in its infancy, with the Indian authorities still adjusting legal guidelines related to the video games A positive August
    court ruling on rummy for real cash has
    led to operators of on-line poker sites turning into extra confident with their respective companies.
    Texas Holdem, Omaha, Blaze Poker, Sit & Go, all well-liked online poker video games are current by way of single table and multi table tournaments.

    Orders containing gadgets Fulfilled by Amazon value
    Rs.499 or more are eligible for FREE supply.

    What number of online poker web sites are following these regulatory requirements is still to be examined by varied authorities of India.
    More importantly, there are a number of freerolls and pay to
    play tournaments on a routine foundation with guaranteed payouts.
    There isn’t any denying the truth that the popularity of poker is quickly
    growing in India. The introduction of a brand new invoice by the Nagaland Indian authorities
    in April 2016 saw poker listed as a sport of ability – positioning it as authorized and
    controlled – and giving on-line players a wider selection of recreation options.

    To continue, a variety of payment aggregators or processors, within the framework of the RBI (Reserve Bank of India) are offering deposit and withdrawal services
    for playing online rummy and on-line poker in India.

    The Supreme Courtroom Thursday put rummy web sites out
    of the ambit of its scrutiny and selected to concentrate on legality of table rummy played in golf equipment.
    When you do use our cell app, please make sure that you accept push notifications,
    so that you don’t miss out on our superior tutorials, poker guides,
    poker promotions and the latest happenings at Starpoker.
    There have been some one-off judgments overseas (some Danish, Swedish, Russian and U.S.
    state courts have acknowledged poker as a talent-primarily based sport), where poker has been construed as a sport
    involving a considerable degree of skill” and hence excluded from the ambit of playing, the prevailing temper globally is to model all card games as gambling. If yes, here is the good news for you: presents all the essential info wanted for a brand new participant to be taught the sport of poker totally.

    Gamers must battle their technique to first bust the money bubble and subsequently add to their earnings with a further prize in the form of a 20k Huge Sport seat. Players who qualify to the 12 teams will then play within the Mega Finals, where the best of India’s poker expertise can be invited to a show of ability and entertainment Burman said that in the first yr, the final will likely be aired on Facebook and Youtube only. He quoted a wide range of doable revenue forecasts, suggesting that in time India may produce between $eighty million and $a hundred and fifty million per 12 months. At we thoroughly check all these options and more to verify they’re the best sites. One major event was the Asian Poker Traditional which occurred on one in every of India’s on line casino ships (the Maharajah On line casino).

    While there’s always a form of uncertainty in any sport or recreation, be it cricket or chess (since one can not predict the winner and sure external prospects at all times forged aspersions on who the winner may be) and in most poker video games there may be staking of money to create an incentive for players (some kind of registration payment is also not uncommon for other sports”) the one difficulty that must
    be thought of is whether or not there is a substantial degree of talent” required for enjoying poker. Travellers can get pleasure from non-cease Texas Maintain’em or pot limit Omaha in poker rooms round India. Vishaal: I cherished Rounders with Matt Damon and Edward Norton-very robust forged and nice storyline in regards to the ups and down within the life of a poker participant.

    People are subscribing for its information and their every day dose of any new information related to this game and can also be taking many advantages of it. These websites feature all the news about Poker from India and overseas in addition to affords Poker critiques and exclusive videos and poker promotions. With Adda52 Stay, Rockets Poker Room is now house to the biggest tourneys within the nation offering large assure tournaments on a weekly basis with loads of cash sport motion. One other form of gambling which isn’t so strictly prohibited in India is lotteries. Of all the elements of online poker games, the poker bonus is likely one of the most liked amongst regular gamers. One option, a person has is to guess on on-line web sites Bet365 and Dafabet which are hosted in worldwide jurisdictions.

    I generally really feel although there is a false impression that poker is straight related to playing. For Texas Holdem or for Blaze Poker, or a Sit n Go, cash prizes for on-line poker players are merely one of the best in the enviornment. Poker sites with sports books and on-line casinos attached corresponding to Bet365 Poker have a tendency to attract tons more unfastened players that wish to gamble. Practice your poker abilities with free poker after which play with real money to win cash. It is good to know that all the classic varietals of poker will likely be discovered at online poker websites. The Mercury-branded poker website, the first to launch on the community, will soon be joined by a Mojo-branded web site, with Baadshah Gaming, a subsidiary of land-based operator Pride Group, also getting ready to launch its personal pores and skin.

    Its skill requirement, and analysis angle, have both contributed to what Indian poker gamers find intriguing concerning the recreation. The gamers then place the cards on their foreheads with one hand, so all players except themselves can see what they’re taking part in with. The rationale it is called crazy pineapple because the sport has an underlying crazy issue of seeing the flop and providing gamers increased odds of making some robust hands till they discard their weakest card. PokerBaazi a enterprise of Baazi Networks Non-public Limited is a web based portal aimed at providing a user pleasant environment of ability gaming. On-line poker website homeowners are Web middleman inside the which means of Info Technology Act, 2000 and they are also required to comply with cyber legislation due diligence requirements (PDF).

    There only one or two on-line poker websites in India which can be complying with these authorized requirements. With the launch of this Poker league in India and a move to create Poker Sports activities League will generate a number of interest among the serious as well as amateur poker gamers and corporate. Poker is very widespread in India and his reputation continues to grow in order the current number of gamers at Thrill Poker web site. But poker, the way in which Aditya and other gamers describe it, does not fall into that category, doesn’t stoop to that degree of weak point. Despite the fact that Indian rummy clubs are on the defensive on this case, this case most likely will have a ripple impact on how the nation legally perceives poker as properly. Now it is all set to seriously change the way in which that poker and other talent-based video games resembling Rummy and fantasy sports activities betting are dealt with within Indian borders.

    They’re part of a growing legion of younger Indian women and men—grinders, as they’re known—who’ve decided that playing poker full-time is their calling. The sudden changes in the administration of Spartan Poker has prompted concerns over the intellectual property rights and corporate governance norms. However one this is for certain that there is a enormous opportunity for Poker in India and with each day, there is a new web site posting the game of poker in a much-refined manner. Bharat Agarwalla, a poker visionary was answerable for instituting the IPS which has since, gone on to grow to be a regular tourney with events on alternate months at licensed casinos round India. We are actually not conscious of any Indian being prosecuted or charged for the offence of using a gambling web site.

    These groups shall be selected by 70+ qualifying rounds held throughout numerous cities for a period of practically 3 months, as well as by on-line tournaments that will begin early in 2017. West Bengal excludes card video games akin to rummy, bridge and poker from the definition of playing, although permission is required from district magistrates and commissioners for conducting competitions in public. Le logiciel PokerStars d’avant-garde se télécharge gratuitement et est disponible sur Home windows/PC et Mac/Apple Il s’améliore constamment grâce à notre équipe d’specialists, qui ajoute de nouvelles fonctions d’après vos recommandations, pour que vous bénéficiiez de la meilleure expérience de poker en ligne. Is the preferred of those online web sites and has a participant database of greater than a hundred,000 making it the largest on-line poker web site in India.

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